Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I will remember it forever~~~

My mood was down when I wake up this morning.Cuz my teachers(guru latih) have to leave us already. I so miss them,exspecially my Science teacher,Miss Ching.She so nice.I like her.So last nite,we held a gathering at Hut Kafe.But i'm late to there cuz my parent can't bring me go,they got work to do.My friend bring me to go but before that she got tuition,so have to wait after her tuition finish then only can go.Huhyo~~~But never mind la,teacher also didn't scold us ^^ We take some photo there with teacher,chat with teacher and so on there.In that moment was the moment that i really very happy cuz i ever have a such a happy moment with teacher.Unknowingly,already 11pm sumthing,most of them went home le.Left me,Yu Min and Yee Ph'ng there.We chat with teacher and teacher also take out her laptop online.We exchanged our e-mail address and msn.Around 11.30pm,Yu Min and i had to go home the.The time was late,i can't too late back home,if not my parent will scold me and won't give me go out again with friends.So i got to go.Then just left Yee Ph'ng with teacher.I so envy at him la,can with teacher alone.Anyway,i hope last nitez teacher had a nice memory there........we will miss u de....teacher also muz remember us!

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