Saturday, August 29, 2009

Scold again...

Yesterday busy whole day.Morning wake up,10.30am got tuition.Tuition until 12.00 noon.Then 2pm went to friend's house to do folio. At my friend's house I think we talk more than do.Haha~~ We chat about what we had done during the holiday. So happy can chat with them(==")cuz during the holiday I really very bored stay at home. 5.30pm got to back home.Back home rest.So tired!!!!I wanna a pillow and a bed,i wanted sleep.Haha~~~ But I dint sleep, just rest only. Then watching tv,take my dinner. Night, sms with bf and also god brother. While sms, my mum suddenly came to ask us, do u reformat the pc? I dint say anything,just silent. She so angry, all of us scolded by her. Lol, I know is my fault, I also got told she. Then she said to me, do you know if you reformat the pc the antivirus software will disapear. I answered her and said I know. She then asked,do you know how much was the antivirus disc?It cost RM165 ,u knw?I said i really dont knw wor...Now u say i jz knw only..haha...but i dint say this word out la...I just say in my heart...then ??scold scold scold....i just hear hear hear...then?Go bck to my bed room and sleep...haha..

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