Sunday, September 27, 2009

Go to Panang

Last Sunday,i went back to my uncle's house. Walao A~~ So bored there. Then my cousins say want to go to their friend's house. Then I say I also want to follow them. Don't know why, say want to go their friend's house then at last didn't go, go to Gurney. Haha~~ We took bus from Teluk Bahang to Gurney. That was my first time took bus went for shopping in Penang. It was fun. Haha~~~ Er... I think we reach there is 4pm something already. Then we started our shopping!!!Yeah... but the stuff there too expensive, so I just window shopping. Haiz.... I so regret I didn't call Nic came out. If not I can meet him lo. Hehe... Cause we never meet before. Haha... But is okay, nevermind, still got chance to meet him one, cause I always go to Penang d during the holiday. But must see whether my parents give me go to shopping or not. Nic, hope we can meet one day~=] Owh ya, in Gurney, I met my aunt! Hehe~~~ My aunt said my mum told she d I and my cousins went to Gurney for shopping, so my aunt came to Gurney see whether can meet us or not. Then my aunt said don't shop too late. I said okay. Chat with my aunt a while then we continued our shopping. Then around 8pm something, we gonna go back. We then walked to the bus-stop. Huhyo~my sis and my cousin walked slowly ar, then we missed the bus. So?? so have to wait another bus. Arhh!!! Have too wait!! But we wait not long la, around 10 minutes then the bus came already. walau~ the bus was very full la. So we have to stand. Suck! I think around 10pm we reach home. Haha! Nice day! Then at night I sms with Nic and my bf. At night, i chat with them till 2-3am something. Then I told my bf I wanna break with him. He was shock!!! I was serious. I wanna break is got reason d,but i cannot write here, just Nic and some of my close friends know what reason. Then I argue with my bf. I told him I think I need some times to think d is it we suitable together? He please me dont break with him. But I did reply him. Just said i need time to think. I know I suddenly want to break will very hurt him. But if I dont tell him, I'll very painful. Then he miss call me many times, I didnt answer it. I off my phone.

The following day, I still in Penang. Haha~~Nothing do there. The whole day i just sms, online, play, chat with my cousin. Sienz... I still argue with my bf.

The next day, I also did the same thing. Sienz... Argue!!!! Actually I will back today. But my dad say tomorrow back. Okay.. fine. But my sis angry with my dd. Cause she said tomorrow she got to go to her friend house. So my dad said, then we back home early in the morning. Then I chat with my cousin till very late, chat till 3am like that.

The next day,Wednesday early in the mornig 7am we back home le. Around 9am like that we reached home le. Yeah!!! I miss my bed. When we reached home, I straight go to my bed le, cause i really very tired. Then my aunt, grandma and cousin came to visit us at around 11 am something. haiz.. gonna wake up again. Then my sis's friend also came. Swt... why so many people came to my house d. I wanna sleep properly also cannot. Then my sis's friend came into my bedroom. OMG!!! I was slepping. But nevermind, I know her one, so I dont care it. Haha...Then I chat a while with she, I go out to see my aunt and my grandma. I miss my grandma so much!!! mwah..mwah!!! haha... but lately, my mood was down. Argue with bf again!! Arhh!!! I wanna break, he dont let me go. Haiz... At last we also together agian. Haiz..

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