Sunday, September 20, 2009

Go to QB

Wakakaka~~~ Last Wednesday I ponteng school. Haha~~~ I went for shopping in Queensbay. Yeah!! I love shopping. But that day I went there not too many people cause is week day ma. I went with my dad, brother,sister and my sister's friend(Nichole). I very enjoyed myself on that day. We bought clothes! Haha... But I so regret I didn't buy the shorts! Sobsob T.T Is like that de,when I was testing clothes in the fitting room, my phone rang,then I answered it. Owh..was my brother calling me. He asked me want go to Pringin Mall ma? I say I dont know. Then I pass the to my sis to talk with him. My sis say she want to go, then I say no problem lo. Then I think a while,erm...cause I didn't bring too much money, afterwards want go to Pringin, so I want to leave some money to use when I go there. So I didn't buy the shorts. Who knows after taking our dinner in QB food court, my dad said, it was late,come on,go home. Shit la...huhyo... I thought can go there... If I know will like that I will buy the shorts de.. Haiz...

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