Sunday, October 18, 2009

Confuse with couple...

I am so tired... I need to rest... Why I cannot stop couple??? Why kind of human of me??? I dont understand myself... I so tired to survive in this world... I wanna go to another world that belong me only... Where can I find it??? Who know it??? I think God know it, right??? God, i need your help. Please bring me away from here... My mood was down recently. Tention with exam. Then have to face to my bf, now I realize that I so lazy to couple. Lazy to reply his msg, lazy to chat with him. I love single. So how??? Want to break again?? ( No!! Loo Wen Xin!! You cannot do this!!! You will hurt him! ) But I... But how about myself?? Just thinking his feeling... Then I no feeling lar... I also human leh!!! What should I have to do now??? What is love?? Love means what? I'm so fed up with love now! Love makes me hurt, nerves... Tired~~~ tired~~~~ tired~~~~ But sometimes I really need someone beside me. Lend me his showders. What am i thinking now??? I so confuse... Haiz... Am I love him??? Yes, I am. But sometimes I will feel that he so annoy... Where got gf feel her bf annoy one?? Got, that is me! What la...!! Arhh!!! So now how??? Nobody know... Haiz... Maybe exam coming soon make me nerves then thats why I will think like that... I hope so la... Haiz..

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