Monday, November 23, 2009

2012 End of the world....

Finally I watched the movie!
Cool man!
It was very nice!
I like it^^
The movie quite touching also.
I tell you har..
you dont tell anyone...
I was crying when I watch the movie.
Cuz it really very touching.
The world will end.
Then anyone also want alive.
Some who is unlucky will dead.
Who is lucky will alive.
Some friends or relative died in the tsunami,earthquake and many....
It was so cruel to see our relative, lover or friends leave us.

Do you believe our world will end in year 2012??
But I know most of the people wont believe it, right??
After watching this movie,
I felt that we have to take care the earth...
treasure the one who we love...
We muz珍惜我们所拥有的!

This movie is cool!
You all have to watch it!!
Dont miss it!!

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