Saturday, November 21, 2009

I cannot wait for it!!!

I went for Penang today.
Quite bored d lo...
Cuz I didnt watch the movie.
My dad said wanna bring us to watch movie d.

2012 End of The world!

We go to QB watch.
But already full,
have to book.
I was so dissapointed.
Then my dad say how about we go to Sunway?
Then I say ok lo.
Also full.
Have to book also~
Very popular lo this movie.
Then my dad book it on Sunday(22/11),5.30pm in Sunway cinema.
Sunday go watch movie lo.

This are the pic I take in car.

Sis and I

Faster reach la.
I wanna go watch 2012 jor.
I cannot wait le.

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