Monday, November 2, 2009

I felt very tired this whole day. Last night around 4.30am slept. Then today morning 7.25am woke up already cuz my bf wanna come to my house. Sleepy lo... But when I with him, I didnt feel tired anymore... Haha... Later he have to go back to Penang, I didnt let him back, cuz I very miss him! I miss you a lot dear.... But at last I also let him back la... Then I prepared go to school lo... When I reached school, my mood was good. Who knows teachers gave back test paper, my mood totally down. Bad result.. sad nia.. exspecially Science, only 69%...B..not A! Haiz.. I think dad will scold me... Then at the Science lab my mood was damn, I slept on the table. Wanna cool down myslef. Who knows I fall asleep.. Walao A~~ Then my friend call we up... Lol..(at lab also can sleep...geng!!haha~~)Whole Moral period damn mood, cuz Moral I get C! Shit la! Then KH period.. KH better... We helped our teacher clean the classroom.. We then washed the curtain.. At the same time, we played water.. wakaka~~~ I was wet! But not whole body wet la.. haha~~

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