Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Raining day

Raining day!!! Yeah... I like^^

Today, I walk alone in the rain.
It felt so good.

Today, I saw my ex.
So nothing la!!!

It was raining when i wanna back home.
Then he just stand beside me.
If my friend didnt tell me, I also dont notice that he was beside me.

After broke up, I long time didnt see him jor. I means see him nearly.
The rain was very heavy. He still stand there wait the rain become smaller. But I can't stand there anymore! I felt like something wrong with me. I must leave there immedialy. So I dont care how was the rain, I just told my friend, lets go! We have to go now. That's all!

Then I walked in the rain alone. Cause my friend who always walk back with me she didn't come to school. So I walked alone.

When I was walking alone in the rain, my mood was down. I also dont know why.... But I like the rain. It was cool! My body was totally wet althought I got bring umbrella. Is okay.. nevermind~ I dont care... Haha~~~
I like the rain. It is really nice!

OMG!!! I have falling in love with rain??
Lolz... Funny!!!

Recently it was raining everywhere, so guys.... must take care yea. Dont let the rain kill you. Lolz.. . I means dont caught a chill.. Haha~~~
Anyways, juz take care ya guys! May God Bless You ^^

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