Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thx dear

I'm a lazy pig~ Today dear come, I not yet wake up.
Pity my dear, cuz it was raining outside.
Sorry dear.
Muackz... Honey sek sek ar ^^

He gift me a box of thing.
Wanna know what is inside is?
Come on... lets check it out.

Before open the box take a pic first..

A bear bear~
So cute!
the bear cute say: hihi!nice to meet you~i'm ur lucky bear


Taking pic with bear~

the bear as cute as me
(haha~~ )

Muackz! I love you^^

Hug the bear tight tight...
Like hugging my dear

peace XD

Thx for ur bear bear dear.

I love it.
But I love u more la...
Muackz... Muackz...
Tonight must hug the bear sleep^^

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