Monday, December 7, 2009

Miss my friends in SMK Hi-Tech

Today I start my tuition jor.
Can meet my friend again.
Miss them so much!
After tuition,
my dad bring us to eat dinner.
You guess who I saw...?
I think you all cannot guess who is it d.
He is Cheah Loon!
Long time no see him lo after I move to Chio Min.
He just sit behind me.
But I didnt go to talk with him.
He looks like dont know who am I.
Maybe he already forgot me jor.
Sad T.T
I still remember he is one of my best friend.
We already know each other when we are in primary school.
Then secondary school,we become best friend.That time I was study in SMK Hi-Tech.
He is a nice person and also a good guy too!
After seeing him,
suddenly I miss my school life in Hi-Tech.
Many happy memories there.
We together ponteng,play,bully ppl and many.....
Dont know they still remember me or not.
Anyways, I miss you all guys there!

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