Monday, December 14, 2009

Shopping again

Last night I very late sleep.

6am only I sleep.

Wake up already 12noon jor.

Dad wake me up de,

he knock knock knock the door.


I so sleepy leh....

I force myself wake up lo,

the dad say faster go take ur bath,

we go to shopping.


Thats great!!!

We go to the Kopitiam at Giant d take our lunch first.

Later we go to Pacific shopping.

Haha~I buy some clothes.

Dad and brother also.

Dad go to buy his clothes,

then he call me to see the clothes that I like,

then put at the counter,

he go to pay.

Then dad not around me le,

I curi-curi walk away....


Go to buy Christmas gift for my dear.

I buy a pair of couple t-shirt as the Christmas gift.

Hope he like it^^

After buying clothes,

eat dinner there.

Then 8.30pm back home.


My toes very pain...

Shopping whole day,

then I wear high heel shoes,

lagi teruk lo.

Pain pain....

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