Saturday, January 9, 2010

Friday is my busiest day!!

Oh Man!

I hate Friday!

Cuz I have 3 tuition on Friday~

Sienz lo~~~

Cannot sleep till late late jor.

8.45am got tuition jor.


Then 8.15pm.


Early morning go to tuition also sleepy d.

Then nitez d tuition feel tired,

cuz day time I have to study.


I juz wanna announce Friday is my busiest day.

Dont come to kacau me,

if not I will angry with you!
(kidding la,i so nice d...wakaka)

But please la,

if nothing,dont come to find me la..

I really busy in Friday.

But u all can find me at nite,

nite i free d,

around 11.45pm.

cuz I Saturday no tuition, can relax a bit...

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