Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mini fan

I wanna talk a lil bit about yesterday...
Yesterday when I finish duty,
Yeep Ph'ng and I walked to the school gate to wait for our parent...
My dad's car was outside the school.
My mum also in the car.
She saw Yee Ph'ng and I walk out together then saying bye to each other.
When I get into the car,mum ask me who is that boy? ur bf?
Very funny lo!
Impossible la mum!

Now I wanna talk about 2day^^
My friends, Wei and Xian bring the small fan to school.
Cuz we sit beside,very hot...
The lil fan very cute^^
Lets see some pic

Mini fan^^

These mini fans have to use plug de..
Use battery also can de but wind not strong lo..

See...Mini flower fan=)

Alomak!Why the flower botak jor?
Haha..This is bcuz Wei lo..
haha~~Hand itchy go play..
then the flower fall down le..
but the flower can put bek,still can use^^
Are we crazy?

After school,
I walked to The Store to wait my parents come to fetch me..
On the way,
I saw my school student hand hold hand
Lol,Siok lo...
Miss Lonely..
That's all for today=)

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