Friday, May 21, 2010


Ah Cheah is my Maths teacher.
I dont like her since the first day enter my class!
Today have Maths lesson,
as usual she enter the class the we stand up and saying Gd afternoon to her.
Our class is noisy,
so she stare at us.
Okay,we then silent.
I was busy tidy my table,
she look at us(min,ying and I)
She say what are you all doing there?
Then she scold us lo...
Bla bla bla~~
We just tidy our table got wrong meh?
Siao d!
Then she call us to change place ar!
Si bo nao!
I dont like her pattern lo!
I know she was on fire cuz b4 she enter our class she had another class in the behind class,
I think the students make her angry,
then she boom at us.
Bull shit!
Hate her!
From now I wont listen what she teach!
Useless teacher!
And my Maths get A I wont thank u for ur teaching!
My Math get is my dad teach me not u!

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