Thursday, May 27, 2010

2moro exam start

U see,my look is worse :[
U know why?
Ofcuz is bcuz of exam :[
Stress :[
This pic I take it when I was study on my bed :]
Taking pic can release my stress too :]
Haha :]
So far I still in good condition :]
Dont worry me :]
2moro my exam start...
Scare :[
I still not yet start study my GEO and MATHS :[
Other subjects I'm okay :]
Now i need my dear :[
Stress :[
I need his hug and kiss :[
During these exam week,
I hope my dear will every day sms me say,
Nini muz +u in exam,I love you^^
I'm sure I will do the best..
Power of love..
Hope this exam I can get good result :]
And all the best for my friends^^
+u +u +u

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