Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sunway Carnival Mall!!!


Last night I very late sleep,around 3am then I sleep.
Insomia...becuz of missing him...Haiz...crying again...
So I go to online...nothing do with my facebook jor..
Then I wanna upload some pic to my blog.
WTF!!!! Dont know why the pic in the pendrive cannot open!!!
Walao A!!!All my pic in there leh...I no save in my handset de leh...
Then I click click click can liao wor..
But some pic disappear jor..
Haiz..sad lo...
Dont care le la..See tomorrow,go to bed sleep first..

Early in the morning!!!
WTF!!! Dad is knocking my room door.
I'm so tired + bad mood.
I dont want wake up lar!!!
I still wanna sleep!!
I didnt bother my dad...I continue sleep..
After a few minutes....Again...KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!!!
Urggx!!! Dad so bad la! I want sleep porperly also cannot!
Then I decided to wake up,if not he knock my door again...

After bath... Dad told me that quick dress up,later we go to watch movie in Sunway!!
Sunway??watch movie?? Yahoo!!!!
Lalalala~~ Mood good back liao.. Wakakaka~~
Wa~~ Many people although it was weekday...
Many couple also T.T
We watch The Prince of Persia.
Quite nice^^
When I was watch movie, my Kor calling me..
Hehe..Actually I dont want answer d...Cuz I dont want miss the movie..
But my kor calling me again and again..
No choice..I go out to answer phone...
Haha..we chat also got a few minutes..Miss some part of the movie jor...

Actually there have some momories in Sunway Carnival Mall..
Haiz...miss him

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