Saturday, August 7, 2010

Preparation for Hari Koko

Today is Friday also have to go school.
Haiz... No choice cuz have to help to decorate the stall.
Actually every Friday morning I have 2 tuition d..
I skip the tuition continueing 3week jor..
Trial jz around the corner, now I still not yet start my study.
Cham lo me.

I feel that now I stay in school d time longer than I stay in home.
This week everyday I also went to school.
But say truely la ,I feel that staying in school better than staying in home.
School have friend accompany me.
At home always study, bored )):

2mrw Hari Koko..
Yappy yappy!!
Hope Hari Koko faster reach then I can focus on my exam jor.

Nothing happen in my life recently.
Juz I really very busy.
But I still enjoy my life now.
I love my life!

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