Monday, September 6, 2010

I miss you

I'm feeling bored now... Hmm... Miss him again... Ya!! I miss him very much!! 3 months had gone, I still can't forget him? While I'm asking myself, I'm cheatting myself.. I told myself : No, you no miss him.. But the real one is I miss him so muchh... Will he miss me? I don't know.. But I hope he will miss me... No need so much... Miss me a little bit enough... Recently I can't feel him... He didnt appear in my dream... How are you? This three word I wanna ask him since last two months... But until now I didnt ask him yet.. Know why? I'm afraid... I afraid he dislike me.. I afraid he thought I'm disturbing him... I better don't contact him... Now I dont know his situation... I just know beside him has a good girl treat him good :) Am I jealous? Er... a bit... But what to do? Is it I have to go to disturbing them? No!! I wouldn't do such unmoral thing... Anyway, he and I belong to pass tense already... No one can change this truth... Just let it be... I will miss you no matter where I am... In my bed, in car, in my study room, while watching tv.. I also will miss you... My love for you nothing can change it... I'm serious.. I'm not hoping you to come back to my side.. Cuz I know this is impossible... I just want you stay happy... That's all....

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