Thursday, September 2, 2010

National Day

Happy National Day!!!
But non of my business!!
Am I satu Malaysia??
Err... I think no..
Am I love my country?
I love myself more..

I didnt celebrate The National Day..
Countdown I also lazy..
Better stay at home be pig...

31st of August is Public Holiday
My dad brought us went to Penang..
Yappy!!! I love Penang^^
First we went to temple(牛奶佛) for prayers...
I go there pray for my coming soon PMR exam...
I wish I can get straight As'

After that we went to Air Hitam eat laksa..
Yummy yummy^^
But I didnt eat...
Cuz i not hungry..
But i eat ice kacang..
Yummy~~I like the ice kacang very very muchii...

Next station we went to Perangian Mall..
In car I ki xiao..
I catch my brother take pic with me...

Many people lo Perangin Mall thr..
And also many couple there =[ sweet d couple...
(Pikpak~~~ >< hey xin!dont see lo! )
Ya ! Dont see lo...

Shopping shopping shopping~~

I really po kai le ...
No money lo...
I buy shoes and shirt...
Got off ma..
If no buy I will feel sorry to myself d...

See pic...
Mine d...

The thing very funny is when we wanna back,
we cannot find the way...
Cuz when shopping, we didnt walk together with our parents..
They shop theirs... we shop ours...
Then dad call me,
is time to back home already..
I said : okay..we are coming to meet you and mum..
Then we walk walk walk...
Aiya..still cannot find the entrance..
But at last we find it..
I less go Perangin Mall ma..
Next time I know the way already..

Lets see what I buy..

I like this shoses very much!!
Love euu!!
I buy in Opera shop.. got off 20%
Wont expensive.. RM 47.92 after off

I like this PDI shirt!
Actually I want white colour d..
BUt my sis take jor..
Red also nice xD

I like this t-shirt...
This t-shirt my brother pay for me d..
Cuz he not yet give me birthday present..
Thx Bro =] Muackzzzx

The whole day I spent in Penang..

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