Monday, September 27, 2010

Ponteng go to pizzahut

PMR exam just left not more than 10 days!!!
I gonna die>.<

Today my Science teacher give us extra class after school.
I told my dad that I wanna go, dad also allow :)
My jimui also got stay back in school for the extra class:)
Before class dismiss we discuss want to go where to have our lunch...
Bla bla bla... we talk many nonsense ...

At last,we decided to ponteng the extra class:)
We went to eat pizza...
We dare hor? Ofcuz la... We all are brave one:)

We are on the way go to pizzahut :)

 3 leng lui
NOt include me ar..
I am the camera girl:)

 Our place:)

 Min seeing the menu...
Why she so happy?
U see the phone on the table?
Her bf wanna come here later thats why she look so happy....

I forget tell you all...
This time a boy come with us:)
My classmate:)
He paiseh then he dont want see the camera...

 Wei and Ah Heng

 Wei and Ah Heng...
Dont get confuse..
They not couple!!!

4 of us ^^
Holding phone d is wei, then xien,me and min..

Our drinks come lo~~


 Xien and Wei~~

 This is me:)
I'm their camera girl:)


Min ar..doing what ar??
That guy is Min's bf...

My emotion look
Dont know how to describe ~.~

 Xien ,u hungry jor hor?

 Wei ~~

Xien eating d look ...

 Xin xin:)
This is me..

After we eat finish jor raining jor...
Luckily we got bring umbrella...
But we also wet...
We walk back to school...

 The rain quite heavy d...
This is my school compound..

My jimui...
U see min..
She very wet lo..

I hate cat!!! 

We then chit-chat at the canteen...
Then 3pm we go back home le...
But the rain still heavy...
Have to walk in the rain again...
But I like it :)
I enjoy today very much!!! :)


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