Friday, September 10, 2010

QB :)

Yesterday I went to QB with my family... We wanna watch the movie, "Piranha".. But the counter lady said must above 18 yeras old.. I told my dad lie her that all of us are above 18... But she say when you went into the hall the man who is on duty will check your IC.... Swt = ='' WTF!!! Then my siblings and I watch another one movie "Step Up".. Kinda nice...My parents went to watch "Piranha".. I quiet like "Step up" , I like their dance... So cool... I also wanna dance... But I dont know dance at all...Haha... If you are the one who likes dance must watch "Step up", dont miss it!!!  

Actually our movie is at 5.10pm.. Still have around 3 hours.. So we went for shopping first.. I'm just window shopping... NO MONEY JOR!!! So sad.. Sobsob T^T.... Shop till my foot pain.. My pity foot...

On that day I saw many couple there.. T^T... They are holding hand.. Aww.. So sweet...Suddendly, I miss him again.. If we haven't broke up, I think we are happiness now... Last time I also like the couple, holding his hand gaigai... Hugging him... I miss him... But all already pass... Holding his hand.. hug him...these will not happen anymore.. If the time can stuck at the moment how good... Haiz.. Now, beside me dont have him anymore... Just forget about it...

I also saw some ppl came with their friends.. Suddenly I also miss my jimui all... Have a time we didnt hang out together.. Moreover now is holiday, no chance to meet them.. Wait I finish my PMR, I have to hang out with them.. Hahaha.. I know Xien likes to go to Neway... Before holiday I heard she said she wanna go.. But go with family not fun... Haha.. Wait after the exam, we go together... I keep my word :)

Today my korkor is coming to Penang... I wanna meet him.. But dont know can or not... This coming Friday or Saturday I will go back to Penang... Cuz my aunt is coming back from KL.. So I can use this chance to meet my kor.. I hope I have this chance.. God bless me... Amen.. Haha.. (I'm not a Christian xD)

Okay, that all for today...
Bye guy :)

This time I went out  didnt take any pic..
Sorry ya..
Dont have pic let you all see..

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