Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last day in school 2010

ori pic..
You see it??(my look..)
Like very tired..but still cute is it?haha...
Last nitez 煲电话粥 till almost 3am...
Damn tired while I have to wake up go to school...

Last day went to school today =)
But my jimui no all attend..
Just 4 of us only, Me , YIng, XIen & MIn
Wei put we areoplane d!!!!!!
Angry you!! HNG!!!

At school chit-chat with buddies =)
Eat , play , lepak around the school..
Kinda bored =(
But I'm still happy with them =)

Buddies, I will miss you all during the holidays...
We meet next year yar...

And also today last day in school someone make me angry!!!
I HATE THE BID FAT DEWA!!!!( guru disiplin)
He call me pick up the rubbish at the staircase
Dont want talk abt school stuff, angry only...
Let talk another topic...


Hmm... today my home have 3 guests...
They stay in my home 3 days...
Haiz... then I have to force to behave myself
All of them are my sis's friends..(all are girls)
They come to my home is to do revision together with my sis...
Hee.. I will treat them good good d...
I like one of them... 
She is a TB!!!
She looks cool!!! Like her!!!


I had asked my dad...
He let me went to BBQ!!!
Looking forward for this coming Wednesday =)

Dont know why today  feel extremely happy..
Maybe is because our distance become nearer? 

-- xiao’x--

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