Monday, December 27, 2010

PMR result

Date: 23 Dec 2010
Venue: KL

23 Dec...
This day is very important for me.
Erm...actually not for me, is for all the PMR students.
We will get the result on 23 Dec at 10am.

But that time I was in KL.
I can't go to school to get my result.
So, I text my friends to see my result for me.

My babe Jyane she went to her school get her result.
Then I stay at her home and wait my result.
I was very "gen jiong".

Finally, Yee Ph'ng text me.
I was afraid to see the msg.
I felt that I could not breath totally!!!!
I could hear my heartbeat.

But how also have to see.
I didnt get straight As'.
Dad and mum, sorry...
I'm so disappointed but what to do?
This was the truth, I have to face it.
I know I can do better for my SPM!!!!

And congratulate to those who score straight As'
For those who didnt get straight dont give up!!
You all still can do better than this time!!!

 ______ For my beloved jimui  _____

I know some of you get good result some of you didnt get good result.
I'm so sorry to you all jimui,
I didnt get the result together with all of you.
I damn miss you all.

Von: I know you are the best among us. Congratulation.
Xien: I know you can do better, jiayou^^
Min: You ar you... Muz study hard laa... Dont always think pak tor...
Wei & Ying : You 2 ginna dont always play play laa... Muz hardworking laa...

Jimui, I wish you all can do better in SPM ^^

____________For my babe Jyane:___________

Aiya.. I know you are sad with your result..
But you how also you have to face it.
PMR was the starting only...
SPM only is the important!!!
Do you know I was shocked when I saw you crying..
Girl, dont think about it anymore.
Let it pass...
Make sure you are happy all the time and ready fight for your SPM!!!

After Jyane back home,
we are ready to go to TS.
I love shopping in TS!!!!
But TS I didnt saw any leng zai also...
I saw many couple got la...

After shopping about 3 hours in TS,
my aunt came to fetch us.
We went to 1U Japanese Buffet to celebrate our PMR result.
Walao... Damn full my stomach!!!!

I and my babe Jyane


To David Kor__ =)
Thx for your gifts.

Actually this handfree I call him buy for me d.
When I said I wanna pay back him money, he said no need.
Why wor?? You already give me many thing jor... 
I cannot no pay back you d..

Second gift..
This gift is kor want "tam" me happy then he buy for me d...
Cause I tell him I'm not happy with my PMR result,
I want him buy gift to "tam" me.
He really buy oo...
Awww... Kor , you so good^^

This smiley like me,
cuz I also like to blek..

Thx Kor..


Stay tuned for my next post...


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