Thursday, January 6, 2011

5 Jan 2011

My last day in school with my long hair.

So I tight this hair go to school.
I like this bun of hair...
It look nice!! I love it.
After cut short hair I cannot tight this pattern of hair already, sad __ =(

Yesterday I was gloomy all along the way when I was going to cut my hair.
I really love my hair, I dont want to cut it!!! Why my school wanna like this torture me wor?? 
Damn hate the school rules!!!!!
Next time if I be the Pengetua... haha.. all students ofcause will love me more more!!! I wont be a strict Pengetua I just wanna my student be happy in their secondary school life. I wanna let them know study in school is the happiness stuff in our life. Sometimes, I'm so jealous to someone who have their great and interesting school life. That's what I want!!  

Talk back to my hair, when I get it the salon, my hands feel cold, I so ''geng jiong''!! OMG!!! My heart told me, dont "geng jiong", it will be all right. Just cut hair only, no need so "geng jiong'', relax.
Then a handsome guy help me to cut my hair.
He talked with me when he was cutting my hair. He said to me long time he didnt saw me jor, he thought I already finished my study and leave there jor. I was flying over the moon!!! He remember me!!!! Yahooo~~ Then, he was full of curiosity why I wanna cut short hair and he ask me why. I answered him this is the new law in my school. He was shocked!!! Because last time he study in my school too, but that time no the law that girls have to cut short hair.
Then, our conversation begin...

He told me alot about his sencondary school life. Haha~~
Ofcause I was willing to listen ^^
After he had done cutting my hair, I totally not in my mind!!!  Cause I just keep talking with him and listening to him. He told me he done it.. I was silence for a moment, my hair was short!!!!! OMG!!!! Sad lar... The guy told me where got, you look nice. Awww... I'm flying up to the sky.. Haha.. Anyways, thank you.
When I get into car, I just realized that I had forgotten ask for his FACEBOOK.. I wanna add him..
Nevermind, next time will have opportunity, I will go there again __ xD 

Dear my long hair,

I will always miss you__ =)
You must wait for me, after I leave the stupid school I will keep long hair...
I keep my word.


At night, my siblings and I celebrated our dad's birthday!!
Ice-cream cake!!!
Yummy... This cake orderd by me but we share money to buy this cake.
I know dad will touch by us... haha...
We love our dad so much than mummy.
Dont know why nowdays we cannot communicate with mummy, every time talk with her will argue.
So we better keep our mouth shut.
Lets see some photo...

This is ICE-CREAM CAKE, I love this so muchh...

Guess how many candle here?
Very difficult to count?

My daddy and my cutie sis & bro..
I'm the camera girl.. 

So sweet..
I and my dad __ =)
I love my dad very muchh !!!

Daddy,Happy Birthday!
I love you. 


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