Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Changes teacher

Am I looking mad?
Yes, I am.

Well, I'm tired with my homeworks.
Dont know why my works always cannot finish.
My hand non stop to write,
my ear non stop to listen what teacher teach,
my brain non stop to memorize what I had learnt for today.
Dont know what kind of life I having now.
I'm not blaming now, I just wanna release my stress here.
That's why I update my blog.

Today my teacher told us that our time table will change and the teachers will have a little bit changes too.
Time table I dont care lar...But changes teacher I care!!!!!!!!
My mandarin teacher had changed!!!!I'm so anger!!!!!
Why dont want change the Biology teacher wor??I like the madarin teacher so muchh...!!!!
I dont want LIM PIN KOK teach me mandarin laa... Very stress in his class... Every lil single mistake also cannot did it, it not? hehe.. later you'll know what punishment you will get!
Now my classmates all were complaning the mandarin sir.
No ones like him!!! Me too!!!

Complaning also no use.
I better dont waste my saliva.
I just keep on doing what I should have to do.


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