Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I've have something to say

Do you all like it??
 I'm cute right??
Thx for those who are saying me cute__  =)
I know I'm self loving.. teehee __ xD

I know yesterday I was moody..
I'm sorry about that..
Thx for my friends who concern me... 
I'm so touching~~ __ xD
And I wanna thx Vis vis__ =)
Thx for your msg, you make me smile __ =)
You use beibei this word make me feel that you're so cute then I smile..
TQ very much vis vis __ =) 

I cannot wait for 2mrw!!!!!
Know why??
Cause 2mrw is my dad's birthday..
I had odered an ice-cream cake for my dad, then after school I will go to take __ =)
I wanna give dad a surprise!!!
I hope dad will like it__ ^^

I have one thing to let you all know...
Dont get shock har.. hehe~~
If you get shock means that you really care about me lo__ xD
I'm going to cut short hair 2mrw..
Do you all hear it?? wanna I repeat again??
I think no need la hor...
I'm sad about my hair...
Sobsob T^T


I've started work hard now!!!
Nobody can pull me down!!!
Cause I'm LOO WEN XIN!!!


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