Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today we were doing experiment in the lab during Chemistry lesson.
Two people in a group, so Xien and I were same group.
When the experiment is carry on, we have to light up the bunser burner.
Xien and I not dare to light up the bunser burner.
We not dare to use lighter!!!!
My Chemis Sir want us to light up the bunser burner, both of us were stuck there!!!!
Xien and I are not daring to use the lighter!!!!
How useless are we....
Finally, we also ask other people help us. 
Thank you.

I just realize I dont know how to read the stopwatch!!!!!
I know I'm idiot!!!!
Our experiment were fail.
Ochhh... Nevermind, the was the first time.
Next time I will do better.


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