Sunday, January 2, 2011

Looking forward my life in 2011

Well I'm looking forward my life in 2011 __ =)

Hmm... 2011 is it a great year for me??
Err... I dont know yet , but I will try to let myself stay happy in this year.

This year I only have one plan for my life.
You guys know what is that??
Teehee... I'm sure you all know wan..

K lar, I tell you all lar...
My plan is I wanna study harder for this year.
How to say hard leh??
Erm... I will let my time full with studies.
One week have 7days, these 7days I have tuition.
I mean everyday at least I have one tuition.
Then the other time I will do revision or update my bloggie.
How's about FACEBOOK??
I will less on it. Sorry __ =(
I dont want to get addicted to FACEBOOK.

This year I wont let ''relationship'' this word appear in my life.
I will let it appear after my SPM.
Sorry boys.


2mrw school will reopen.
All of the students have to back to school.
Ofcause I'm the one too__ =) 
Am I happy to back to school??
Hmm... my mood kinda joyful, hahaha~~~

Am I have prepared for the school reopen?
Yes, I am__ =)

1) I have remove my nail polish. (Now my nails look nature, kinda like them) 
2) I have cut my finger nails. (Damn sad. I miss my long nails)
3) I have packed my school beg. (My beg always is the lightest wan.. haha~~)
4) I have bought the exercise books. (Actually no nid buy d, my home still have many.)
5) My uniform have iron by my dad. ( Thx dad =] )
6) My shoes have washed by washing mechine. ( Teehee..xD )

I think that's all...

But also something I not yet do__ =(

1) Cut short hair. (I'm not sure wanna cut or not,so go to school first,see what teacher say xD)
2) Buy new watch. (My watch rosak liao.. sad =[ ) 


 I wish I will have a great life in 2011!!!
+u +u +u~~
Ur guys too =)
Wish you all have great life in 2011..!!!!


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