Saturday, January 22, 2011

No ones know my feeling

This photo captured + edited by me.

This morning I cried T^T
I feel that I'm so stress.
Actually today I have a date, but at last cancel already because of tuition.
I was awake when my dad knocking my room door.Then, I ask dad "Anything?"
My dad didnt answer me but my mum answer me. She told me that today I have tuition in the evening.
On the moment I'm awfully angry!!!
I have told my mum I dont want went to CK tuition . There was too pack, many students there, I despise it!!!!
That tuition centre very famous, many students went there for tuition. They said the sir is good. Bla bla bla...
I dont care how is the sir good or anyhing else, I wont go !!! My time already full!!! I wanna leave a day to rest. 

No ones know my feeling.
As a student have to study hard , have to score straight As', I know.
But what for everyday go to tuition? What can I earn except knowledge??
Go to tuition will earn tiredness too okay??!!!!!!! 

Dont know why nowdays parents very " kia shu " / " 怕输 ".
They very care their face, they like to compare their own child with others.
For what?? Useless!!!!
Their child like me become the prey. How pity we are... =(

I didnt tell my parents my feeling cause they will not understand!!!!
They just thought you are saying nonsense especially my mum.

At last I didnt went to the CK tuition.
Just now evening I argue with my mum and finally I win.
But she said I must score A in my Physics, if not she will force me go to tuition.
I already have a Physics class in another tuition centre jor, but she want me go to one more Physics tuiton.
Sot de hor?? I think my mum wanna made me mad!!!!


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