Friday, January 14, 2011

Not belong to me!!!!

I just realize that I had left this bear in a corner alone for a long time.
Long time I didnt hug it.
Long time I didnt play with it.
Long time I didnt kiss it.
Long time I didnt look at it.
Long time I didnt hold it in the night.
Long time I didnt talk to it.

Actually start from the begining, this bear not belong to me!!!!
I'm just replace the person who is the bear owner.
This is a secret, I didnt tell anyone before.
And now , I wanna let you all know that ,
This bear really not belong to me!!!!!
It belong to someone else, but I had forgotten her name.

You all curious is it why I say so?
Sorry, what I can said just these all.
Dont ask me why.
I despise people asking me why!!!
I despise to answer!!!


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