Monday, January 31, 2011


2 days ago I didnt updated my blog!!!
I was so suffer when I didnt update my blog. Know why?
Because recently I really stress!!! I need to write my blog to express my feeling but I was damn busy recently. 
I had tried to find time to update my bloggie, but my time was too pack.
Well, today I started my CNY holiday. So only now I have time to update my blog. __ =)
By the way, Happy Chinese New Year to you guys ^^

Yesterday I went to a reunion. 
Kinda happy __ =)
I met my primary school classmates. They changed a lot!!!
The boys become guys , the girls become lenglui. Teehee xD

Where were the people?? They juz let the chicken wings there?? Later hangus lo~~

Lalala.. the first leng lui , long hair d is fellycia... then min and I..

Hui and felly were busying, i didnt help them.
bad hor me?? hehe...
no point ar.. cause I wanna capture photo ma...

The guys are highper there.
I like their guys!!! They make a lot of fun!!!

The two guys who were holding the paper, they are pro in dance!!!!
Chi Yin and Eugene.

After eating, playing, crazying....we went for a walk.
We walked to our primary school, it was juz near there.
Some of them talked about ghost stories...
Very scary you know? It was night time jor they still playing fool about the ghost stories.
I damn highper on the moment!!!!!
I like walked in the night together with a gang of friends!!!
They were crazy ofcuz I was too xD
We didnt enter our school la cuz already night, the guard wont let.
Plus if you walk in the school at night you will feel scary, cuz the school was big... if you .. i think i better dont want said la... later you all scared by me then you all blame me. ___ xD

After went to our primary school, we went to basketball court.
Damn dark man!!!!
Ofcuz we were not playing basketball there.
We juz stay there a while.
We capture photo, chit- chat, crazy.. bla bla bla

Yea!!!! Say cheese!!!!!
I know my look was worse!!! Dont blame me, blame the camera!!!

Having capture with felly!!!!
Like this photo so muchhh!!!!!

This is Sze Rou ^^

Lastly, personal capture __ xD

I was so so so tired!!!!!!
But I was enjoyed it super much!!!!!
4 year once reunion, I will remember this moment.
Thx for you guys giving me a nice memory yesterday.
Love you all!!!! 


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