Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can you do me a favor??

A simple camwhore.
Dont like? Just ignore it.

I'm so headache about money!!!!
Xin will getting poor as soon!!!!
Study need lot of money!!!
I'm means study in campus need lots of money cause that is private want, many things have to pay by yourself.
My sis will going to study in campus soon, so my parents are headache with the fee.
My sis is going to take medic, as you know the fee of medic is high.
I worry that my dad will cut down my pocket money =(
Then I will being poor and poor.

So now I need you all help.
Will you all do me a favor?
What you all need to do is once you enter my blog, click the advertisement above the nuffang which is on the right-hand-side. After clicking it ,you just close the window and continue to do your things. That's all^^ Every single click will help me alot. Thx ^^


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