Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day__ 2011

Happy Valetine to all my friends and readers.
I wish those who are in a relationship will together forever with your lover.
Then, those who are single, I wish you all will find your true love as soon.

Just now I read some of my blogger reader's blog.
Their post are so sweet...
Sweet couple ^^
I also wanna have one too...teehee...xD

Valetine's day for me is meaningless, cause I am available.
No ones celebrate with me, nevermind , I just carry on my life as usual.( I'm a positive person ^^ )

Today I went to school my friends wanna trick me, they give me a letter. They said a boy order them pass the letter to me. They told me that was a love letter. =.= Come on, I wont believe that kind of thing. Firstly I saw the writing of the letter I already know they are fooling me, I was 100% comfirm the writing belongs to a girl. But I'm still happy with their act. I means their silly act. Hahahahahaha~~~~~~

Recently I always peeping someone, I know my jimui were very curious about who is that person.Hahaha~~
The person is...... I can't tell you all. That's a secret. I know you all will get anger on me and so on. I just want you all to know that everyone has their own secret. Forgive me please, okay? Who is the person not important, so dont ask me such question again. I will avoid to answer, so dont waste you all saliva. Teehee__ xD

Lastly, wishing my jimui and friends again Happy Valetine ^^ 
I love you all 


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