Monday, February 28, 2011

I can't wait for my monthly test!

This photo without edit, I just add my blog's link there only.
Currently this photo is my phone wallpaper, haha~~ 
I love my smile!! Do you guyz like it?? I hope you guyz too__xD

I know around this few days many school are having monthly test and somes school already over.
I'm the one who not yet have the monthly test!!! Urghhh!!!!
Why the time flows so slow?? I want faster finish my monthly test.
This coming Saturday I will having my monthly test, wee~~~ excited^^
I know somebody says I'm sot d, no ones like exam, only the people like me something wrong in the brain. Hahaha~~
I love exam, I enjoy it very muchh!!! It very challenging!!! If no exam then why we want to study??
In my opinion, study is just for exam. So that I will work hard. 

I know sometimes I too concentrate in my study then I miss out something or somebody in my life.
I felt so sorry. I neglect my vis kor kor recently, I always late reply his msg. Actually this is not the first time jor, haha~~ 
I neglect my health too, I feel that I'm getting sick now. My throat pain, I drink a lot of water already but it still pain and my ulcel make me suffer!!!!

I also lack of time too!!! Dont know why my homework always can't finish. Everyday have a lot of homework, I wanna go to bang wall le la, always late sleep, my pimple come out le la. Sad T^T
Then the next day I brought my sleeping face went to school. Lolxx~~

No matter how busy is my life, how suffer is my life I still can pass my day with a smiley face.
Smile make me feel so relaxing, nothing that I can't go through.
Smile always can turn your mood into happy mood. Teeheee __xD
So friends, smile always you will look nicer in front of others.

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