Monday, February 21, 2011

My heart's words

Finally I come to update my blog, miss me or not??
I miss you all so muchh leh...Teehee xD

Recently my mood was uncontrol.
Today I can face my life with positive thinking but 2mrw I can face my life with negative thinking.
Whatever la, this was the normal phenomenon for me , because mostly girls are emotional, am I right?Hahaha~~

Last post I told you all that I like a guy is it?? Haha~
Ya , I really like him. He increases my heartbeats whenever I saw him.
But ofcause this is not the reason why I like him. I like him because of other reason. Shhh.. dont want tell you all, blek__ xD
Err... I like him not means that I will in a relationship with him k? I just wanna be good friend with him enough because I'm not ready to couple yet. If you wanna couple with someones, you have to take time to understand him more. Time will help you to find the truth. I admit that I was innocence before, but after the heart broke you will be more mature. It is true!!!!!

Beside that, the guy I admire still loving his ex. (I just guess only, I didnt ask him to find out the truth.)
Why I will guess that he still loving his ex because that I saw his FB note. From the note, I can read that he miss his ex. Ofcause I will have a little bit disapointed. On the moment I have a hard feeling that give up him!!!   But at last I didnt do so. Loving someones no need to have he/ she stay beside you, all you need is as long as he/ she is happiness.

One thing I wanna mention here, love cannot be forcing by someones! If someones really dont like you please let he/ she go. Or else both of you still can be friend. Please remember, friendship always longer than a relationship.

I found that he is peeping me in school too or maybe this just is my wrong signal. But I hope he is. Hahahaha~~~


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