Saturday, February 26, 2011

My sushi breakfast 泡汤 jor

Yesterday Min said she got go to Jusco, asked me what I want to eat for tomorrow(Saturday) breakfast, she buy for me. Then I told her let she take the decision. She said buy sushi for me, I was so happy^^
But later she text me and told me that she didnt go to Jusco can't buy sushi for me jor. Sad la... I tot I can have sushi for my breakfast =( At last I also no angry she, not her fault wad.

Today I went to school for activities with my blank stomach.__ xD
Then Min came to find me before I go to the History society.
Min told me she want to eat Mcd breakfast. I want too^^
But who buy for us wor??? Min's bf?? Impossible lor...Hahaha~~
Then chat a while with Min.
She said that Koon Pheng is free today ask me wanna hang out anot.
Ofcause I want laaa, I miss him so muchhh!!!! Since he came back to Kulim I never treat he eat yet.
But today I have tuition, I can't hang out laa.. Plus exam is just around the corner, my parents wont let me hang out with friends. Sad laa... T^T 

I have promised Min during the first semester break, I will find a day out with her and Koon Pheng with the excuse wanna celebrate my birthday. Hahaha~ I'm clever is it? Lol__ xD
Hope he was free on that time. Pray hard!!!!!!  


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