Friday, March 25, 2011


Flu flu.. achiu achiu..  I realize that my bloggie already covered with dust =( How bad am I as a host in this blog. Hahaha~~~I'm busy plus a bit bit lazy to updated my blog recently. Sorry to my readers.

So how are you guys those who have got their SPM results? How many A+ you guys get? I think you guys result not bad, right?? Hee... Congratulate to those who got good result.

__________ For my sis __________

Congratulate ya my beloved sis!!!!
I knew you are so upset with your result.
But for me, you got 10A is very good jor, the mandarin get B nevermind la. Mandarin is hard I know.
I'm so proud of you my sis^^

In the same day my sis got her result, my sis came to fetch me after my class dismiss.
I was so unbelievable, haha~~ Damn happy!!!! Her driving not very steady yet, I also scare scare sit her car. Hahaha~~~ But at last I reached home safely. Hehe~~

And and... I receive present from my David kor too...
He sent me this....

Yea, is lollipop.
I remember that the lastest time I ate such alike this lollipop when I was 4 or 5 years old in Genting Highlands. Hahaha....That time I ate one is mickey mouse shape d. Haha.... The vivid memory still in my brain memory. Teeheee___ xD

Kor, thx for ur lollipop and the keychain...Hehehe...
You promise me next year my birthday you will gift me i-pad de har... I will mark it on my mind __ xD  

These all thing happened on last Wednesday, 230311
Last Wednesday I really very happy. Everything going on was good except something not good. =(
I get my monthly test result already. My result is worse.

I never get such marks at all!!!!!!

  1. B.Melayu         : 62%   
  2. Mandarin         : 57%
  3. English             : 82%
  4. P. Moral          : 86%
  5. Biology            : 78%
  6. Chemistry        : 52%
  7. Physics            : 56%
  8. Sejarah            : 86%
  9. Maths              : 62%
  10. Add maths       : 29%

I FAIL MY ADD MATHS!!!!!! Arghhh!!!! 
See my result??? I want to go to bang wall!!!!! Pang pang pang!!!!! @.@
I promise next time I wont get this result anymore.
I will get worse than this result!!!! Cuz mid year exam is full paper de~~~ @.@ Lagi susah lo.. T^T Haizzz...
My next exam is on May, so fast... I lack of time to study laa.. Who call me always wasting the time to do the stupid homework wor.. That's why I no time to do my revision, so not my fault. xD I love to blame others. Hahaha~~~

Dont think too much laa... Let everything going on natural..
Now  FACEBOOKING  first, hehehe~~~ xD 

Dont forget to click the advertisment above the nuffang for me ya, thx^^


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