Thursday, March 31, 2011

Be careful on the road

Yesterday there was an accident at the T-junction which is just near my house.
OMG!!!!! Motorbike bang with motorbike also will cause dead.
One young Malay guy pass away in the accident. Then another victim then sent to hospital already.

I didn't go outside to see the accident, I'm not a kapsiao people.
But I heard someone crying loudly. I think is the victim's relative.
So sad.

From this incident I learnt a lesson. We must follow the law on the road no matter who are also have to follow  it! If not when accident happen then dont blame anyone!! If you follow the law, everything will go smooth. :)
For those who are in the car dont forget to wear your seat belt. Ofcuz at the back also have to wear too.
For those who ride motorbike have to wear helmet. I dont like the Malay de lo, I always saw them didnt wear helmet ,they just wear their songkok. That's why la this people didnt follow the law.

Rainy day recently, for those who are driving must be careful. Dont rush on the road. Be patient.
And also always remember the one we love and the one love us.
We must love ourself.

Just like me wear the seat belt when I'm in the car :)

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