Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Everyone has their own business

Before reading my blog, plz pray for Japan. Thanks =)

Still remember this photo??
Edit by Wei.

I just realize such a long time xiao family didnt gather. We have our own business now.

How are us recently???
Wei went to Genting with her classmate during holiday.
Xian and I busy with our homework and study.
Min always upset with her relationship.
Ying I not very sure how was she recently.
Von had transfer to Butterworth, she is suffer with her study there.

Swtt!!! I felt that we had separate!!!! We didint like last time, always play joke together, hang out together.
Maybe we already grow up and had our own life now.
I know sometime I really too concentrate on my study and abandon my friends.  I'm so sorry about that.

I wanna our friendship keep on forever. Shall we?
I dont know. Nowadays our topic become less... sometimes we meet each other and face to face but we do not have anything to say at all. I'm so upset. What should I have to do? Should I just let this continue or try to recover back our friendship? If wanna recover back what is the way? Haiz... Headache!!!!!!

When I face to you all, I will try to hide my feeling. I will pretend myself fine.
Actually I very care you all, every single word or action you all say and do I mind.
I'm concerning you all at the back, I wont show my concern to you all in the front. That's my way.

When I miss you all, I will view the photo we took last time.
Sometimes I view the photo, I will smile crazyly.
How innocence we are!!!! hahahahaha~~~
I miss the moment when we were in form 3.

My love to you all never change. I keep my word.  

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