Sunday, March 6, 2011

Exam week

I'm having exam yesterday and this week.
After exam is the holiday, hooray!!!!!!

Because of my monthly test, I dont have time to update my blog, sorry friends.
But recently really have something happen to me.
I'm on happy mood recently becuase of.... blekxx.. dont tell you all xDDD

And also I was worried about my baobei min, she is having toothache...pity her..
She always complain to me that her teeth very pain.
What can I do wor?? I'm not a dentist >.<

Today also is my birthday eve.
Not in excited mood for my birhtday at all !
Will you guys remember my birthday???
I know you all will remember it, is it??? Or maybe no...
Is okay... I'm so tiny in you guys heart, I know who am I.
Take care friend =)

I will update my blog after my exam, dont too miss me.. teehee xD

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