Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First of March

Today is the first of March. 2 months have flew away.
In the previous 2 months I have did many thing, learn many thing. So I didnt waste my time. I will keep on this attitude ^^ 

Well, the first of march is one of my BFF birthday.
Our friendship keep on since we are 10 years old till now.
How long we are BFF.

Here she is.
Ka Khei, Happy Birthday^^
Stay happy and I love you babe =)
May God bless you.

Actually I have bought her the b'day present, but the present my sis left in her hubby's car.
So maybe April I only can give her the present. I felt so sorry. All is my sis fault la!!! Huhyo~~~

Next I wanna thx ying my beloved jimui for her souvenir.
During the CNY, she went to Australia, how rich she is. 

Awww...How cute is this koala bear. I like it.
Thx ying, muackxxxxx!!!!!

simple post for today =)

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