Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy with my baobei today

I woke up early again, damn sleepy!!!!
I was awake by my phone ring tone, not alarm awake me but is my kor awake me.
Last night he promised he wanna awake me de, he did what he had promised to me. Good good ^^

Why I woke up so early har??? Ohh ya, I had to attend the meeting in school.
Beside, I went to school meet my baobei too.
Baobei promised me want bring sushi for me. Yea... damn happy... sushi.. I like!!!!

During meeting I was feeling so sleepy.
I just pray for the meeting faster end up because I miss my baobei, I want to eat sushi with my baobei together.
After the meeting dismiss, I immediately call baobei.
Then we meet in canteen.

These all thing is baobei buy for me de.
Baobei so good. Love you so muchhh!!!!
We enjoyed having our sushi in canteen. Yummy~~~
And the bottle is my birthday gift, inside the bottle she put the mashmallow for me.
I love mashmallow!!! Yea...

This is my new bottle.
Happy, inside full with mashmallow. Like it like it^^

After finishing the sushi, baobei said she still hungry wor.
Then we went to the KFC mum mum again. OMG, my weight gain again.

We had a lot of fun there, I love with my baobei.
I feel so nice with my baobei, we can chat anything , share our feeling to each other.
I love to chat with her so muchh..
Ofcause we wont miss out camwhore...teehee xD
Wakakakaka~~~Let see some photo... 

The thing baobei eating very nice.
Baobei let me test one bite. I like.

we shared the drink ^^

I was eating whipped potato.

I was acting cute, teehee__xDD

Both of us like camwhore. Weeee~~~

Wee.. sweet wee..
Damn love this pic!!!!

Then we walked back to school.
We walk under the brightly sun, but I can't feel any hotness. Haha.. something wrong on me.

I spent 2 hours with baobei then I back home le. Miss you har...
Baobei, thank you very muchhh...
Thank you everything you did for me for today, I really very happy.
Dont think about jimo le la, he not good, blekxxx __ xD
I'm the best, hehehe~~ i know i'm self-loving.. teehee.. =目

Baobei, thanks a lot for gifting me this bottle.
Next time I will bring along this bottle when I go to tuition, then I thirsty jor got water drink ^^

Today is my grandmother(mother's side) birthday.
Popo, Happy Birthday!!!! I love you.
I damn love my grandmother, she is so cute. But sometimes I dont like she grumbling me. Hehe~~

Dont know why recently I just keep on my smiley face.
Smiley face will let me look more pretty. Hehehe~~~

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