Saturday, March 12, 2011

My sweet sixteenth

Last Monday, 7 March was my sixteenth birthday.
I'm so happy in my sweet sixteenth!
I did not have cake for my birthday.
Is okay for me, I did not mind it. =)
One things I mind is you guys remember my birthday or not.
Lastly, you guys did not disappointed me, you all still remember my birthday ( Weee~~ Happy ^.^)

The most vivid memory in my birthday is my jimui gave me a surprize!!!
Each of them wrote the wishes on the papers and then they enter the paper into the envelope.
During recesss time, as usual I went to the place usually where I go which is under a tree.
I saw they hang the envelope on the tree. Awww... so nicee!!!!
Outside the each envelope were written a word. They are 生、日、快、乐、xiao'x 、欣 .
So total is 6 envelopes there.

I was taking down the envelopes.

My heart was touched by their action. How good my jimui are. I love them so muchhh...!!!!
And then they also sang birthday song to me too, I was extremly happy! I was no point what I had to say. Thank you so muchhh my lovely friends!!!! Luckily I did not cry on the spot. They really touched my heart....

Next when I reached home, I found that inside my school bag had a birthday card.
I did not know when my friends put it.
The card is from Vivian and Shin Ring. Thank you for your both wishes. 

The whole day in my birthday, I just non stop calling my friends. Cause that day I call people is free of charge. One years only one times,ofcause I wont miss out this chance. I chat whole day until my ear become red. Aww.. my pity ear. Hahahaha~~~

At night, Min and Koon Pheng came to my house. Yea~~~
Both of them are my close friends. I love chatting with them ^^
I love the way Koon Pheng laugh, he is so cute!!! Before he left, I camwhore with him.. teeheee xD

He is my friend.
Dont misunderstand har...

This year my birthday gift not many,but most of them are the wishes card and letters.

My sis gave me a sweet kiss in my birthday.
My jimui gave me a big surprize in my birthday.
Koon Pheng gave me a warm hug in my birthday.
My dear, Shamini gave me a gift in my birthday.
My network friends send me wishes in my birthday.
My school friends wish me in front of my in my birthday.
Every single action I really appreciate it.

Thank you my friends.

I love my sweet sixteenth.


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