Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rainy day

Today my school got rentas desa. I didnt take part in rentas desa because I was on duty. And also today my pengerusi send me to my duty station by motorbike. Because my duty station is quite far from school, impossible want me walk there wad, right??? Ride on a bike feel so nice. But on the moment, I think back of my ex. I love to ride his bike, so that I can hug him tight tight. Eishhhh.. I'm talking nonsense. He belongs to past tense!!!!! On  the bike ofcuz I didnt hug my pengerusi la, he and I not close wad. And I shy to hug also la. I just hold his shoulder, but I still feel not steady lo. Say truly la, I'm very afraid to ride bike. I feel like unsafe and will made my hair messy too.   

Rain always recently. Unluckily the sky became darken and rain heavily.When I just finished my duty, it started to rain. Then one of a teacher send me back to school. On the way, I saw the participants were run in the rain. Pity the participants, they were wet. Include my friends. Haiz... I was in the car and they have to run in the rain, I felt that so unfair!!!!! I'm sure 2mrw must have many people didnt go to school with the excuse sick because of the rain. Haha...

Today felt so cold whole day. When school dismiss, I walk alone in the rain and I saw a pair of couple. How sweet they are. Then, I walked faster than them, I didint want to see this thing, made me self-abased. Haha...

Don't know why rainy day always made me gloomy. I will always think emo memory. Sad lar =(
I cried today. My tears suddenly dropped. Dont know what's wrong with me. I try to comfort myself already but I still can't stop my tears for dropping down. 

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