Friday, March 18, 2011

School gonna reopen

2 more days school have to reopen jor, I really no that mood in study.
I not yet done the thing that I had planned to do during the holiday.
Now holiday gonna finish and I have to say goodbye to my holiday, sad =(

I still not yet done my homework, WTH~~~
Sienz lar always homework, someone can do me a favor?? help me to do that mountain homework... 
I'm going to bang wall if I didnt finish before school reopen!!!!! Arghhh!!!!!!

Dont know why I'm lacking time now but I still spending my time on my blog.
Cuz I love my blog!!!!
Muahhhh !!!!!

simple updated =)

Dont forget to click the advertisment above the nuffang for me ya, thx^^

and pray for Japan too =)


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