Sunday, March 13, 2011

Station game

Today went to school for activity.
I know this activity was worse.
We did not give enough efford to this activity. I feel so sorry.
Let the photo describe the activity. xD

The shadow is me, wakakakaka~~~

I follow at the back~~~

I'm cute right??(teehee, self-loving)

Penny and I.
My partner.

I hide under the big tree.
Wahahaha~~~ I anti-sunlight!!!


They guys are crazying... lolzxxx

The balloon with the water..
They looked so nice. I like the balloons.

They were in water war.
I better stand futher, if not... I will wet~~

Almost finish jor...
All people is resting...

Finally champion!!!!!
Da la~~~

This station game not good enough, I'm not very like.
But thanks for you guys took part.
Among us the AJK got a bit bit arguement.
Sienz la... I dont like the SU. Lansai laaa!!!!! Blekxxx!!!!
Well, i was so tired now. Going to rest.
Nitez friends.


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