Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Visit my grandma

Today I went to Penang to visit my grandma.
I damn miss her!!!!!!
And I'm so sorry for my pretty cousin, Jyane.
I didnt know you came back to Penang. When I went to Penang,she already back to KL. Sobsob..~~ miss you T^T 
My parents brought my sis went to do the touch n go card.
Then my bro and I wait outside the road.

Both of us love camwhore, hehe~~~

Next , after finishing settle everything, we went to visit our grandma.
Yappy~~ We brought grandma go to eat.
The thing must do in Penang is EAT!!!!
I love Penang food, yummy!!!!!!

After that, we went to megamall.
I dont like went there. I felt that there like a 死城~
But I like the clothes there. =)
I didnt buy anything there, just my sis bought only.
My sis gonna be a OL jor. Hahaha~~~
I no eye see le. I felt weird when my sis wearing OL cloth. @.@
Whateva la. She wear it not me xD.

Lastly ofcuz I wont forget camwhore with my sis!!!!

Dont forget to click the advertisment above the nuffang for me ya, thx^^

and pray for Japan too =)


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