Friday, April 1, 2011


Today is April Fool.
Heee... Happy April Fool's Day.
So you all got go cheat your friends or not???
Or  you cheated by your friends?
Anyways, they just play the joke only, so no need get angry d.
Just have fun :)

Friday is my busiest day, full with tuition.
And today my friend, Azreena finally came to tuition already.
Miss you so muchh. She went to India for holiday.
Before she went to India for holiday, she text me and said that she will buy sourvenir for me as my birthday present. She so good. I like her. Muackxxxxx 

Thank you Azreena.
We are not same religion, she is a Malay and I'm a Chinese but we are best friend.
She so nice. Love you my girl :)

At night my David kor sent me a MMS.
Because he had promise to sent me the photo. Yea...~~
Wanna see the photo???
Be patient, I will let you all see...

Da lang~~~ is pudding, Mango pudding.
These made by David kor and his friend.
David kor is learning how to do the pudding and this is the first time he did these.
He said he will learn up it and do for me to eat.  
Yea.. I want many many favour de... ^^
Kor, I'm waiting for your pudding. T^T

Today I'm so suffer with the period pain. WTH!!!!
But my mood still in good. Hahaha... Today everything made me feel happy.
I like my mood today. :)

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