Saturday, April 2, 2011

清明,alone in home


I'm in sweet mood recently.
Because of you, thx dear.
Thx for everything you did to me.

Today actually I have a plan, but cancel jor. Because of you la. 
I want you bring me go out to have lunch ma. We never go out to have lunch together before.
But you're not around, so this lunch cancel jor. Sad :(

Dont care, before you leave Kulim I must go out have lunch with you. Blekxx :p
Our memories still in lacking condition. I wanna give you many many vivid memories.
Let you can't forget me in your whole life. Hahaha :)
And I love the way you call me too. Teeheee.. sweet wee...^^


I'm alone in home now.
Yea, I can do what I want. Yappy.. but I have to finish my homework first. :(
My family wento to penang for 清明, I didnt go, I felt so sorry to my grandparents.
Every year I will go d, but this year I didnt go, sorry T^T
Because of the tuition and the homework la, huhyo!!!!
Grandparents, gred grandparents, sorry har... forgive me :(

Is time for me to go to take my bath and to my homework already.
Is late now. But my stomach gu lu gu lu jor, I need food now.
Maggie!!! I'm coming... haha xD

Dont forget to click the advertisment above the nuffang for me ya, thx^^


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